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DVD to iPad Converter + iPad Video Converter Suite

Being an all-inclusive iPad video conversion product, the  iPad Video Converter Suite comes with two  packages, the DVD to iPad Converter and the iPad Video Converter. This only package allows you to convert both video file media and DVDs iPad movie formats and to iPad video. Enjoy your favorite video clips and DVD movies on your iPad wherever you are.

 There are 3 running modes to convert DVD to iPad:

1-Click mode

Just one click is needed to open a DVD. The rest of the task is done automatically. This mode is called as “designed-for-dummies”.

Batch mode

You select the DVD chapters or titles you want to rip per a checkbox list. Ripping MTV DVDs, episodic DVDs and music DVDs can be easily batched with this mode.

Direct Mode

In Direct mode allows to rip DVD to iPad. You can select the movie you want to rip via directly clicking the DVD menu. DVD movies can be easily ripped with this mode.

Other Features

Input types

Almost any type of DVD format can be converted to iPad video format. You also can convert any kind of video file format, including DVD, DivX, vob, rm, XviD, MPEG, rmvb, AVI, WMV, MP4, dvr-ms, .mkv, TiVo.

Output splitting

Your output video can be splitted by DVD titles and chapters. Episodic DVDs and MTV DVDs are fully supported.

The corresponding video quality and output file size can be customized.

Output profiles are flexible, so that various video settings can be customized.

Audio track

You can select the audio track and subtitle language in the Batch and Direct modes. A default language in the 1-Click mode is chosen automatically.

Supports DTS Surround, Dolby audio track.


Video can be cropped to full screen, 4:3, 16:9.


Video can be resized. "Stretch to fit screen" or "Keep aspect ratio" options can be set.

MP3 Audio

Converts DVD to MP3 audio.

Support Devices

Converts to the Apple TV, 2nd generation iPad touch, nano chromatic, 4th generation iPad nano and latest iPhone.


FeaturesiPad Converter SuiteiPad Video ConverterDVD to iPad Converter
Input Format
 avi , such as DivX, Xvid, MP43, .... Yes Yes No
 MPEG1 Yes Yes No
 MPEG2 Yes Yes No
 MPEG4 Yes Yes No
 .asf Yes Yes No
 .wmv Yes Yes No
 .Mov Yes Yes No
 .rm Yes Yes No
 .rmvb Yes Yes No
 .mkv Yes Yes No
 TiVo Yes Yes No
 DVR-MS Yes Yes No
 Video DVD disc as source Yes No Yes
 .IFO file Yes No Yes
 MPEG-4 for iPad Yes Yes Yes
 H.264 for iPad Yes Yes Yes
 MP3 audio for iPad Yes Yes Yes
 TV Size for iPad Yes Yes Yes
Free Software Upgrade Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Settings Yes Yes Yes
Customize output  size Yes No Yes
Free Technical Support Yes Yes Yes
DVD Ripper Software Included No Included


DVD to iPad Converter Video Guide


DVD to iPad Converter is the fastest way to convert data required and to seamlessly rip DVD to iPad!