How to Convert DVD to iPod

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You will need DVD to iPod Converter or iPod Converter suite.


1. Launch DVD to iPOD Converter. Then choose the output format, encode speed. Specify the output folder.
2. Put your DVD to the DVD-ROM, and click Open DVD button.
3. Select the Basic Input setting Audio track, Subtitle in the menu.
4. Click "record" button.


If you are using itunes7

Here you have two options:

  • sync your iPod and library so you could transfer the converted output mp4 file to iPod
  • transfer the converted mp4 file manually.

First, let's define the steps you should follow to sync your iPod and library.

1. Get your iPod connected to your PC

2. Start itunes7.

A new window will appear

Under Options uncheck "Manually manage music and videos"

5. Go to Menu and Add File to the Library.
6. Select the converted output file.

7. Find your video file stored at Movies.

8. Right click the file and specify the type of your video.

9. Choose Sync "iPod" in the menu.

10. As soon as the updating is completed, you'll see the video on you iPod.

If you want to transfer the converted file manually, you should follow the steps below.

1. Connect iPod to your computer.

2. Start itunes7

3. A new window will appear
4. Select "Manually manage music and videos"

5. Find Devices on the left list and right click your iPod.

6. Create new playlist to place your video.

7. Select the playlist you've just created.

8. Drag the output file from the output folder.

9. After the update the video will appear on you iPod.

If you are using itunes6

1. Connect your iPod to PC

2. Start iTunes

3. Make up a new list to place converted file..

4. Drag converted file into the new playlist.

5. Besides, you can drag converted file from the iTunes library to the new playlist

6. After the update you can change the name of the file. To change the name, please right click on the file, choose Get info, go to the Info tab and change the name of your file.