iPad / iPhone / iPod to Computer Transfer

Award Winning iPod Converter Software

iPad / iPhone / iPod  to Computer Transfer

Being an easy-to-use utility, iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer was designed with the back up feature to restore any missing or lost data from your iPad, iPod Touch, iPod or iPhone content, allowing you to enjoy your favourite videos, songs and playlists. If you want ot keep your iPhone, iPad or iPad save, the given software is a necessity.

iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer features:
- This iPhone/iPod/iPad transfer software is powerful and top-rated. The installation and operation of the software is extremely easy.
- The product distinguishes by its compatibility with multiple devices, working with all iPad, iPod, iPod Touchand iPhone models.
- Automatic Searching, Indexing and Scanning is available. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod device is scanned automatically. All data is auto-indexed by type, genre, artist and album. The software searches your data by type, genre, artist and album automatically.
- Backup feature is extremely useful. Back up your videos, songs, podcasts and photos from iPod Touch, iPod, iPad or iPhone quickly and easily.
- Export and Import between devices is available. Your iPod Touch, iPad, iPod or iPhone content can be managed. You get the ability to export or import data from devices to your computer.
- The Backup Folder Rule is supported by advanced settings.
- The program allows you to play your media data right into it. Any third-party player is not required.
- Photos can be now transfered from your iPod Touch, iPad, iPod or iPhone to the computer.
- Any video or musik can be easily located by genre, artist or album.
- Multiple languages, including Spanish, English, Japanese, German and Chinese are supported.

 Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 9x, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2003 Server.
  • DirectX 8.0  
  • SPU that is MMX-enhanced
  • VGA card